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[music lesson] Mixing Bass Guitar – A Bass Tone Tutorial

Mixing Bass Guitar – A Bass Tone Tutorial Hello my fellow readers, welcome to the mixing bass guitar tutorial, today I’ll show you my personal way of how to mix a bass guitar, EQ, Compress it and shape it to the needs of your mix.
Since low end can handle lots of processing, we are able to use heavy compression, multiple layers, different ampsims for some grit, even Melodyne (trust me on this) to create a fantastic bass tone and make others wonder how you get that kind of bass sound.
I use this kind of technique mostly on Modern mixes rather than old-school songs. This isn’t the only way to mix bass. It’s 1 way to mix bass and my preferred one.
Also, feel free to check out my whole Full Signal Chains For Each Instrument Series.
Let’s get started!

Note:As always, when I share my chains – settings, I advise you to bypass the plugins to actually hear if you’re improving the sound or not. Sometimes, out of the 5-6 plugins I recommend, 3 or 4 might be enough for your mix. This entirely…

Christmas is an accommodation !!!!!

The first Christmas is God adapting to humanity. Representatives of Church-world like to talk about adjusting our attitudes and behaviors to God. But Christmas is an accommodation. Accommodation overcomes distance.
Thank you for being my friend: Accommodation allows relationship. Yesterday I said, “Thank you for being my friend,” to a long-time friend. It struck me thathe accommodates me. I like to think that I accommodate him. It feels superior. The uncomfortable truth is, he puts up with me. “Putting up with” is a less comfortable expression for accommodation.  The people around you put up with your irritating qualities, perhaps more than you would like to acknowledge. They make adjustments for your strengths, weaknesses, and quirks. Lasting relationships smell of accommodation. On the other hand, when accommodation dies, so do relationships. The language of accommodation includes: Celebration of difference. You don’t have to be like me for us to have a relationship.Compassion for struggle. S…


The most dangerous enemies of organizational vitality live inside your organization. They laugh when you stumble and hand you rocks when you’re down.

Some beasts lurk in shadows. You don’t see them coming unless you’ve learned to smell their stench or feel their presence. But your most deadly enemies smile and bleed you slowly. They walk in the open and nod when you pass.  Your enemy wants your worst, even if he’s smiling. 4 Enemies of vitality:#1. Distrust: the enemy of relationship The way to defeat distrust is to build trust. Apologize and make offenses right. You aren’t so magnificent as to never offend. Perhaps you’re negative when you should be affirming.Speak openly. Avoid secrets. Transparency defeats distrust.Own hard truths. The enemies of vitality smile at cowardly avoidance. You can’t trust leaders who make light of difficult situations.Vibrant organizations are safe. #2. Disrespect: the devaluing of others

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Ten steps to doing less and getting more done

You’re stressed out and over worked because it takes skill and courage to delegate effectively. You’ve reached your highest potential, if you’re maxed out and you refuse to delegate.
10 reasons delegating is difficult:
You’re a control freak. (Control freaks become leaders. Many stay that way.)You worry about results.You wonder if they’ve thought through their decision.You stew over follow-through. You don’t want to meddle, but you wonder if they’re on track.You can do it better than others.You enjoy the job you need to pass off.You overthink what could go wrong.You’re compassionate. What if you burnout team members?You’re a glory hound. It’s difficult to let others shine.It’s faster to just do it yourself. (At least in the short-term.)Leaders who struggle to delegate anticipate resistance, but often encounter enthusiasm. 10 steps to doing less and getting more done:Clarify the situation.Explain that you need their help.Make it about them. “I’d like to expand your role?”Discuss why it mat…

"Did you know you can Get Followers On Twitter '– Here Are The Best 11 Actionable Tips

Get Followers On Twitter – Here Are The Best 11 Actionable TipsGetting many followers is the dream of a lot of users on Twitter.
The advantages of having a considerable number of targeted followers as an individual or a business cannot be over-emphasized. Many businesses use Twitter as the main driving force of their advertising strategies. More followers on Twitter means improved visibility in your market and increased numbers of potential customers. So, how do you get followers on Twitter?
Understand Your Market AudienceI think this is where most businesses miss it. Some people just follow the trend or follow what everyone else is doing. While it is good to know what your competitors and other businesses in your market are doing, it will do you a whole lot of good to first research your target audience.
To get followers on Twitter, you must understand the psychology surrounding your target audience. This in turn will open your eyes to a lot of ways you can utilize to inte…

How To Promote Your Music On YouTube & Twitter On Complete Autopilot" "[empire music]"

Welcome to our post: How to promote your music on youtube & twitter on Complete Autopilot.
Update: The 2nd method below the 1st one is outdated, but I kept it online for educational purposes. The first one that you’re going to read right below is working flawlessly. Enjoy!Method 1 (Working Flawlessly)In this method, we’re going to talk about driving traffic / views to your YouTube channel and twitter account automatically, without lifting your finger. Once it’s setup, you then forget about it and it works by itself on complete autopilot.

Have you been one of those guys who upload a video or track then end up doing nothing other than logging in and hoping to get views or get viral out of nowhere? I’ve been there, and I can feel how it’s like to know you’ve uploaded some really great content only to be the only one enjoying it. It sucks.
So this method is really simple. This is the same method I’ve been following for some weeks now and as you can see on your left of your sc…