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"Did you know you can Get Followers On Twitter '– Here Are The Best 11 Actionable Tips

Get Followers On Twitter – Here Are The Best 11 Actionable Tips

get followers on twitterGetting many followers is the dream of a lot of users on Twitter.
The advantages of having a considerable number of targeted followers as an individual or a business cannot be over-emphasized. Many businesses use Twitter as the main driving force of their advertising strategies. More followers on Twitter means improved visibility in your market and increased numbers of potential customers. So, how do you get followers on Twitter?

Understand Your Market Audience

I think this is where most businesses miss it. Some people just follow the trend or follow what everyone else is doing. While it is good to know what your competitors and other businesses in your market are doing, it will do you a whole lot of good to first research your target audience.
To get followers on Twitter, you must understand the psychology surrounding your target audience. This in turn will open your eyes to a lot of ways you can utilize to interact with them.

Post Valuable and Useful Tips

Researching your target audience will help you know what makes them tick – their fears, their aspirations. What they love, what they hate. You can then use this information to your advantage by posting useful information to help them and make their life easier. This works in warming your audience to you. When your followers find your posts valuable they will share with their own followers. This would increase your followers base in the long run.
So to get followers on Twitter, be generous with your tips. Inspire them with valuable posts.

Use a Profile Photo

I regularly come across people on Twitter not using their photo as profile image. Some users will even put the picture of flowers while some leave their profile blank. What kinds of people do that? Newbie or spammers. People who are willing to connect with people will always have their personal photos, especially a headshot, on their profile page. A lot of Twitter users I know will not follow anyone without a photo in their profile.

Complete Your Profile Information

Some people will come to your Twitter page, either through search or through a link, go through your information and start following you when they see something that relates to them. Imagine then if you don’t have your bio properly filled out.
To get followers on Twitter, let users see what you do. Make your bio interesting. If you are a business or you’re promoting a product use a tag line. Include your city name since many people will follow you just by seeing that you are from the same area as them. Twitter doesn’t include users in their search results unless they complete specific information like a username and a full name.

Post Regularly

A young working mom with 2 energetic kids will always appreciate regular tips on balancing home and work. A young entrepreneur will love to see actionable tips that can help grow his business. Posting frequently will help your audience and put them in a position to want to retweet you to their followers which will lead to increased number of followers for you.
But you must be careful here. Avoid overwhelming your followers. A Twitter user receives a lot of messages. What you can do is to spread your posts throughout a day instead of posting too many at a time.
Getting regular content to post daily is not easy. It will require a little sacrifice on your own part. What some people do is to go through blogs and websites in their industry. Doing this regularly will give you ideas of content you can share with your followers.

Communicate With Your Followers

Replying to any of your follower’s query puts you in a good stead in the eyes of your other followers. Some people only reply to their followers through DM. While doing this has its own benefits, replying publicly shows that you are sociable and will endear you to other followers who see your reply. Since they will be more likely to retweet your posts, you can expect an increase in your followers’ count.

Link and Re-tweet Others

What most social media platforms do is to promote a culture of sharing and Twitter is no exception. When you link to others, many will respond in kind. And this applies to re-tweets too. If you want to increase your followers’ count this is something you must not overlook. When others re-tweet your posts they’re literally introducing you to their audience. Re-tweeting and linking to others will surely boost the number of your followers. What you should not do is to ask for a re-tweet. Many people hate that. Just post highly valuable content regularly and you’ll get natural re-tweets.

Over-promotion will cost you followers

Out of all the reasons a Twitter user may decide not to follow or un-follow you the most prominent one is too much promotion. If your Twitter account is just a promotion engine for your latest blogpost, products or services, you should not expect any significant increase in the number of your followers. And worse still, you may see a constant dwindling in the number of your followers. Over-promotion doesn’t have any benefits, it only makes you look like a spammer. Now tell me, who wants to follow a spammer?
Before you promote any service or product, make sure you have given a lot of values. A prominent Twitter user suggests 20 useful posts to one promotional post. You don’t need to adopt that strategy. Just make sure your helpful tweets are much more than your promotions.

To Get followers on Twitter, Follow Others

Learn to follow like-minded users. When you see contents that support the ideas you often post on Twitter, check out the posters and follow them. When you see influential people in your industry, follow them. Though not all these people will follow you back the few that do may re-tweet and introduce you to their followers. This is not ‘aggressive following’ which is frowned upon by most people.

Get Used To Short Posts

Short but useful tweets get the most retweets. If you want your followers to regularly retweet you then you must learn how to churn out short and effective tweets.

Make Your Promotion Work On Autopilot

I’ve also written a guide on how to promote your twitter account on autopilot, without you doing anything apart from setting it up.
The best part? Not only it works for music promotion, but it works perfectly for any kind of promotion imaginable. I highly recommend you to check it out here.